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The Most Popular Binary Options Strategies

Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

The Most Popular Binary Options Strategies

If you are reading this, then probably you are aware of trading with binary options and you know how much money you can profit from investing in them. It is so great to have something like this because it can help you a lot I some situations. For example, I had big dinner preparation at my house a few days ago, but I was a little short of money. So I went to trade with binary options, and I earned 100 dollars, and that helped me a lot because if I did not earn that amount I would be a problem. The best thing about them is the easiness of using. Everyone can try out to trade with binary options, but I think that the best possible way of using them at the beginning is to stick to some tactic or strategy. There are several good strategies available for all newcomers to the binary options world. You can argue which Binary Options Trading Strategy is the best, but that is nonsense. Every strategy has its ups and downs. My advice is to create a demo account and practice as many as you can. Find more information here: Brith Method 
If you are trying to guess predictions correctly and if you are trying to get the right signals at the right time, then you know how much finding the good time frame is significant.
So we will discuss now some trading strategies, but you should know money management strategy as well. When we talk about trading strategies, you are aware that the most important thing is the timing.

And when we speak about the timing and time frames, we can’t discuss our first Binary Options Trading Strategy which is the trend strategy. This one is the simplest. Just follow the trend and the graph line and choose whether you will click CALL or PUT option. When you trade with binary options no one promise you guaranteed money, but this strategy has very high percentage of profits.
The Very high percentage also has the Pinocchio strategy. Like the Trend strategy, you are expected to follow diagrams; charts ant other things related to this topic. This one is all about drastic growth or fall of finance performance. You only need to predict this drastic performance and make some money. I am sure I don’t need to answer to a question why does it call like this. You all saw the famous Disney cartoon or read the famous story about the wooden boy.

The next one is called the Straddle strategy. This one is more complex, and you need to have a little experience in working with the binary options. You also need more time spent with the trade itself. You follow the stock market, and you realize that some share started to decrease, but you are expecting to grow after a while. At that moment you are clicking on the CALL option, and if you are correct, you will be the wealthier man. This strategy can do in another way as well.

These are just some of the strategies you can use in the world of binary options.
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